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Mark Cuban and Charles Hoskinson Discuss Practical Application of Cardano (ADA)

Anna Martynova

Billionaire Mark CUBAN questioned the practical application of Cardano (ADA) and discussed his concerns with IOHK CEO Charles HOSKINSON. He presented the details of the project and posted a 12-minute video listing the benefits of Cardano.

According to the CEO of IOHK, users are releasing NFTs using Cardano. He used his Twitter profile picture as an example. Hoskinson added that billions of dollars are exchanged in ADA tokens every day. The team overhauled the entire smart contract model for security and scalability, and it took four years.

Users suggested that Mark Cuban add Cardano as a way to pay for tickets, services and goods for his NBA Dallas Mavericks club. Cuban replied that he would be happy to add ADA when BitPay accepts the cryptocurrency.

Image: AronBoss

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