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IOHK Announced The Upcoming Plutus dAppStore

Anna Martynova

On September 22, blockchain technology company IOHK, which is responsible for research and development of the Cardano protocol, spoke about an upcoming store of decentralized applications (dApps) written for the Plutus platform.

In a blog post IOHK posted on September 22nd, IOHK Senior Product Manager Shruti APPIA revealed that this weekend at the Cardano Summit 2021, which will take place September 25-26, IOHK will present a certification program for evaluating applications developed with Cardano and will present a prototype of the future Plutus dAppStore, where developers will be able to upload their DApps running on Cardano and make them available to others.

Plutus dAppStore will be accessed via a web browser. It's important to note that this store accepts both certified and non-certified apps. Appia also added that in the long term, IOHK would like to see user-developed tools, the deployment of those tools to the store, and the development of Plutus dAppStore to include new features such as voting, reviews, and even integration with Atala PRISM, giving users the ability to receive feedback. about the range of DApps in the store.

Image: IOHK

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