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India Releases "National Blockchain Strategy on Blockchain" For E-Governance

Anna Martynova

The Indian ministry of electronics and information technology (MeitY) has released a 52-page National Strategy on Blockchain document, which calls for closer collaboration between government and the private sector to build blockchain infrastructure in the world's second most populous country.

The National Strategy on Blockchain document is an updated version of the document released earlier this year. According to the document, India plans to develop a national blockchain platform to further use the technology in all sectors. To this end, the ministry wants to create a "National Blockchain Framework" as for a country to benefit from large-scale blockchain technology, it requires a "geographically distributed national level shared infrastructure" with nodes located throughout India.

The national blockchain infrastructure will be used to deliver blockchain as a service. The development of a "National Blockchain Framework" will require collaboration between academic institutions, government, start-ups and industry. Initially, the "National Blockchain Framework" will only be used in the field of E-Governance, and the transition to broader use cases will take place over time. MeitY will work with other ministries and other stakeholders to ensure the strategy is implemented.

Image: WorldCoinIndex

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