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Huawei Launches Artificial Intelligence Blockchain Service

Anna Martynova

Huawei and SDPB (SDP Bank) have announced the launch of their SPDB Finwarehouse blockchain solution. The new blockchain solution will use artificial intelligence as well as multidimensional data verification and will be based on Huawei cloud.

In 2020, the giant Huawei, together with SDP Bank, presented the White Paper of the Bank of Things. In it, they showed a new model and system of financial services. After that, SPDB signed a partnership with Huawei, and together they began to use innovative technologies to promote the Bank of Things and began to explore digitalization.

SPDB Finwarehouse is a blockchain based solution targeting industrial supply chains. This allows a completely new way to manage the pledge of movable warehouse property. The press release added that movable property in China promises to turn into an innovative market in which billions of yuan will change hands. Until now, this area has worked without digitalization.

Image: CoinNewsSpan

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