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Hedge Funds Plan to Increase Their Shares in Cryptocurrencies by 2026

Anna Martynova

The Financial Times, citing the results of a survey of hedge funds by Intertrust, reports that hedge funds intend to increase their shares in cryptocurrencies. On average, hedge funds are ready to allocate up to 7.2% of the investment portfolio for cryptocurrencies.

According to Intertrust estimates, funds can invest about $312 bln in the crypto market. Approximately 17% of respondents intend to keep more than 10% of their portfolio in cryptocurrencies. David MILLER, head of Quilter Cheviot Investment Management, stressed that hedge funds are well aware not only of the risks, but also of the long-term potential of cryptocurrencies.

It is worth noting that American hedge funds are more interested in cryptocurrencies than others. They are ready to increase their shares in the crypto business to an average of 10.6%, while hedge funds in the UK and Europe are ready to allocate 6.8% of assets to this segment.

Image: United Traders Magazine

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