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Hackers Gain Access to Supercomputers to Mine Crypto

Anna Martynova

It is reported that several supercomputers are infected with a currently unknown virus. Infection reports came from the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. Now a decision has been made to close access to these machines and provide specialists with the opportunity to find out how the criminals managed to infect the system.

The first hacking message came on Monday from the University of Edinburgh. In Germany, as a result of an unauthorized login, the system had to close access to five clusters. A problem with a supercomputer was later discovered in Barcelona Spain. In total, more than 10 supercomputers stopped working.

There is an assumption that the credentials were stolen from university staff who gained access to supercomputers to perform computational tasks. Chris DOMAN, co-founder of Cado Security, said there is currently no official evidence that this is an attack by the same group of criminals. However, similar names of malicious programs and network indicators allow experts to believe that this is the work of the same hacker group.

Image courtesy of Freenews.live

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