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Former Cryptopia Employee Stole Over $170,000 Worth Of Cryptocurrency

Anna Martynova

A former employee of the now defunct crypto exchange Cryptopia admitted in court that he had stolen more than $170,000 worth of cryptocurrency. An employee pleaded guilty to stealing coins and customer data while working for Cryptopia while the company was still in existence.

After checking the Cryptopia wallets, the liquidators discovered that in a series of transactions, 13 bitcoins had been illegally withdrawn from different wallets, some of which had been laundered through a mixing service. At the time, the value of laundered bitcoins was around $165,000. Then this person stole another cryptocurrency worth about $7,000.

Cryptopia was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in New Zealand. At its peak, Cryptopia had 1.4 mln users worldwide. After a hack in 2019, account holders managed to gain priority over Cryptopia's creditors to get their lost cryptocurrencies back.

Image: CoinShark

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