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Flow Integrates Filecoin Decentralized Storage Services

Anna Martynova

Thanks to the collaboration, Flow users will now be able to create NFTs using IPFS and store tokens in the Filecoin decentralized storage. Filecoin will allow applications built on Flow to have an easy way to protect media assets and NFT metadata.

It is also known that Dapper Labs has partnered with Filecoin to develop NFT and blockchain games. Eternal, Starly, Versus platforms and online game Chainmonsters are already using this integration with Filecoin to give users access to NFTs.

Filecoin provides grants to every Flow project that integrates with IPFS, Filecoin, or services such as NFT.Storage, Web3.Storage, or Pinata. Last month, Google and Dapper Labs partnered to host Flow blockchain nodes on Google Cloud to support and scale the Dapper Flow blockchain.

Image: Crypto iTunes

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