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Evolved Apes Creator Disappears With $2.7 Mln

Anna Martynova

According to the Vice Motherboard, anxiety began to grow among NFT investors in the Evolved Apes project late last week. A few days after the launch of the project, an anonymous developer under the pseudonym Evil Ape disappeared, deleting the official Twitter account and the project website. He also withdrew 798 ETH for a total of $2.7 mln.

According to the description of the Evolved Apes project on OpenSea, this is a set of 10,000 unique NFTs. NFT heroes "trapped inside a lawless land, where only the strongest of apes will survive." These words are a reference to an NFT game that the creator of the project planned to launch. The money raised from the initial public sale of the NFT and commissions in the secondary market was earmarked for expenses related to the development of the project.

According to user Mike_Cryptobull, the Evolved Apes community found that social media contest winners did not receive their NFT prize money from the project, nor did the artist get paid. Despite the disappearance of all the money, the Evolved Apes community plans to further develop the project.

Image: Kotaku

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