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Dunamu's Two Shareholders Become The First Billionaires Of The Crypto Industry

Anna Martynova

Since the Dunamu crypto platform partnered with Hybe, the value of its shares has surged. Since Hybe reportedly acquired about $400 mln in shares, the company made a $17 bln profit, which could be attributed to NFT trading.

Hybe is reportedly working with Dunamu to create and sell virtual images of BTS in the NFT space. The company aims to take advantage of the boom in virtual auctions. The founder of the firm says that together with Dunamu they are developing a collection that will appeal to fans of this market.

The company, through Upbit, offers management of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Upbit also allows enthusiasts to make passive profits after investing and mining their money in cryptocurrencies like BTC.

Image: Pulse News Korea

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