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DHVC Joins Theta Network As An Enterprise Validator

Anna Martynova

Theta Labs announced that DHVC has become Theta Network's ninth enterprise validator and governance council member. Previously joined companies include Google, Samsung, Sony, CAA, Binance, Blockchain Ventures, gumi, and a group of private institutional investors including Sierra Ventures, Heuristic Capital, Venture Reality Fund and GFR Fund.

The firm is based in Palo Alto, California and manages more than $500 mln in companies in the artificial intelligence, cryptography and biotechnology sectors. DHVC has a long history of supporting Theta Labs. In 2017, DHVC led a Series A equity funding round and participated in a private token sale.

Ali FARAHANCHI, Managing Director at DHVC said:

“We’re thrilled to expand our support for Theta as an enterprise validator and governance council member, taking a direct role in securing its blockchain.”

He also noted that Theta has made tremendous progress since DHVC led the Series A equity funding round in 2017. 100x growth is now expected as the protocol transforms the media and entertainment industry with blockchain and decentralized technology.

Image: Crypto Economy

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