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DC Comics To Release NFT Collection Featuring Popular Characters

Anna Martynova

DC Comics announced a partnership with Palm NFT Studio. Together, these companies will provide FanDome 2021 guests with an NFT collection featuring popular characters including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Harley Quinn. The proposed NFTs were selected by DC publisher and chief creative officer Jim Lee.

DC announced that attendees to the FanDome 2021 event will be able to receive a free NFT by registering for the event. DC will create NFTs for both its traditional and modern comic book covers. Collectibles come in three levels of rarity, and fans will have the opportunity to get three covers for each character.

Last year's DC FanDome event received 22 mln views worldwide, and DC expects this year's event to surpass that record. According to DC, it will be the first "large-scale virtual event with registration powered by NFTs and very likely one of the largest NFT drops ever." The NFT drop will take place on October 5th. The DC FanDome event itself is scheduled for October 16th.

Image: Hypebeast

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