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Colombia Uses App, Board Game And Book To Teach Young People To Trade Crypto And Stocks

Anna Martynova

The Colombian government will fund a new app, board game and book to educate children and young people on investing in cryptocurrencies and the stock market. The game was proposed by Henry Jean Velásquez in response to a government call for innovative projects that could help improve financial literacy among young Colombians. A game called "B Coin: Learn to Invest in the Stock Market" simulates the retail experience.

Henry Jean Velásquez is the winner of the CREA Digital Call 2021 program jointly launched by the Ministries of Culture and Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia. Velásquez will receive $31,000 as the winner. Velásquez is expected to unveil an updated version of his proposed game in November as a downloadable graphic novel for Windows and Android. From December, B Coin will be distributed through popular app stores. Velásquez will also release a board game and book by March 2022.

The inspiration for the creator of B Coin was a 2014 Colombian government regulation that stipulates financial and economic education in Colombia as a topic that the country's schools should cover so that children and young people can better understand the economics and dynamics of the financial system.

Image: Bitcoinik

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