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BTC-e reincarnates with problems

The big online cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e has managed to resurface after its disastrous collapse in July, with the FBI and the FINCEN confiscating its domain and assets due to alleged “dirty money” transfer activities on it. “But the exchange is not based in America, how could these Americans just interfere like this!..” – someone can exclaim here. Yes, it would be totally justified if the BTC-e did not operate with American currency or American clients, but as they were doing it, they were under the jurisdiction of the U.S. authorities.

Now, with the legal matters taken care of somehow, the BTC-e reappears on the scene: the website is up and running on the same domain that the old exchange used. Looks like the long-anticipated relaunch is not as smooth as many hoped; the internal structure of the exchange works unstable. Most often issues include: incorrect account balance, the log-in procedure, even the block of some accounts due to the 2FA disconnect and the site verification email system. The issues listed above come from comments under the tweet about the site re-launch. There are messages in the website internal chat that additionally suggest that the developers would have been better off delaying the re-launch and tweaking all what works unstable.

A cautious investor would not open a new account on this exchange right now – the wait-and-see approach seems most safe for potential new participants. Those who thought they lost their assets forever might try to reach them once more by logging in their accounts.

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