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Australian Alcohol Brand Uses Cardano To Manage Its Supply Chain

Anna Martynova

Australian spirits company Strait Brands is leveraging the power of Cardano's blockchain to manage its supply chain network. As announced by Input-Output Global, the blockchain company behind the Cardano network, Strait Brands will build its production process on the Atala SCAN protocol authentication platform and plans to ship up to 4 mln bottles by the end of 2022.

Cardano launched its smart contract platform back in September, and so far, many new smart contracts with advanced features have been embedded in the blockchain protocol. Today, Cardano is considered one of the most scalable decentralized infrastructures, which is why the number of enterprise users has skyrocketed in recent weeks as well.

Leveraging the Cardano blockchain will help Straits Brand deploy a tamper-proof software system built with Input-Output using Atala SCAN that securely records and stores data and instantly verifies the origin of products throughout the supply chain. The collaboration between Strait Brands and Cardano will increase the level of confidence in the former's business.

Image: Cardano Feed

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