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Augur Launches Second Version Of REP In July

Anna Martynova

The decentralized forecasting platform Augur announced the launch of a new version of the Augur v2 platform. The launch of the new platform is scheduled for July 29 on the Ethereum network. The platform will also have a number of new features, one of which is a support for ERC-777 tokens and DAI stablecoins.

According to the announcement published on the platform’s website, holders of REP tokens must manually transfer their coins to the new version of REPv2, and the current tokens will be renamed to REPv1. To perform the tokens migration, developers will provide a tool and detailed instructions on how to complete the process. Token holders must manage to transfer their tokens to the new version within 60 days, otherwise they will no longer have access to them.

At the time of writing, the native Augur platform REP token, now renamed REPv1, is ranked 44th in terms of market capitalization, which is $183 mln, and the token is trading at $16.63.

Image courtesy of Forex Academy

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