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Athena Bitcoin Confirms Plans to Install 1,500 Crypto ATMs in El Salvador

Anna Martynova

The American company Athena Bitcoin plans to supply 1,500 ATMs to the new crypto-economy of El Salvador. The implementation will begin with the testing of several dozen machines to create a business model. Athena plans to invest more than $1 mln in the installation of ATMs, focusing on the regions where residents receive remittances from abroad.

Along with the installation of new ATMs, Athena will also recruit staff and open an office to conduct operations in El Salvador. Athena currently operates just two ATMs in El Salvador, one at El Zonte in an experiment called "Bitcoin Beach" and the other at El Tunco.

El Salvador's Bitcoin adoption plan has already been rebuffed by the World Bank, which has refused to help the country in its transition, citing environmental and transparency shortcomings associated with the digital asset.

Image: Gadgets 360

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