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Arizona Successfully Using Blockchain Platform in Voting

Anna Martynova

Boston-based mobile voting platform Voatz has announced the successful use of its voting app at the Arizona state Republican Party convention. On May 9, more than 1,100 votes were cast, which were evenly distributed between delegates using the iPhone and Android. The state party convention was held online due to the ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus.

Previously, the mobile app was used in federal, state, and local elections in West Virginia, Denver, Oregon, and Utah. However, as noted by MIT engineers, the application has a number of vulnerabilities that they cite in their report. Researchers say the app is vulnerable to attacks, allowing hackers to manipulate voting results.

Voatz, in its turn, responded to the critical MIT report with a publication that detailed the inaccuracies of the MIT study. In its response, Voatz also indicates that the researchers used an outdated version of the Voatz Android app that was never used in the election, and that the researchers never contacted the Voatz servers to prove their theories.

Image courtesy of AZ Big Media

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