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A Shiba Inu Zone Is Under Construction In Venezuela, Where All Businesses Will Accept SHIB Payments

Anna Martynova

Venezuela is about to open the world's first Shiba Inu zone, where all businesses will accept SHIB payments. The institution is currently under construction. It will be called Shiba Food Park, which will house more than 10 stores. Shiba Food Park will be located in Bolivar, the largest state in Venezuela.

Over the past few months, SHIB has been increasingly used in Venezuela as a convenient form of payment. Many residents and companies believe that the growth potential of this digital currency could be a solution to the problem of hyperinflation and currency crisis in the country. Hundreds of small businesses like food trucks and grocery stores accept SHIB payments. Venezuela International Airport is also considering introducing SHIB and other cryptocurrencies for booking flights.

The low price of Shiba Inu has allowed Venezuelans to invest in this digital currency. The strong community support behind this cryptocurrency and its rapidly growing distribution inspire a lot of investor confidence. SHIB crossed the mark of 1 mln holders last week, a milestone that only a few coins have reached. At the time of writing, SHIB is trading at $0.00004353.

Image: Market Realist

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