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Ibrahim Kalem and Hakan Atabas; Unrivaled Unity and the Launch of Cryptofon

Andrey Sergeenkov

With over 16 years of friendship, Ibrahim Kalem and Hakan Atabas, for the first time are partnering commercially to launch a licensed and reliable crypto exchange service. Having conducted different trades and operations together over the years, these innovative entrepreneurs have partnered to create a centralized crypto service platform to offer traders and investors alike a fine opportunity to buy, sell, trade, and store digital assets in the best possible way.

Built on an existing code authored by Mr. Atabas about 3 years ago, Cryptofon was designed after an in-depth study of the crypto market. The code, “Xtremcoin”, as unequivocally stated by the author has been integrated with some of the most advanced cybersecurity tools like Firewall, LTE, LTM, and a long list of others.

The Creation

Speaking to reporters, Mr. Kalem revealed that before investing in Bitcoin, he was skeptical about cryptocurrencies and even referred to them as a “scam consisting of numbers and wallet addresses”. Well, his opinion about these digital currencies changed after he bought 7 BTC for the value of €6,800. Less than a few months after this purchase, he made a whopping profit of €13,000 which was over 97% of his capital.

Impressed by this, Ibrahim quickly withdrew his profit into his account. This spurred an interest in digital currencies and it dawned on him that this business could, in the future, exceed all human expectations. Coupled with his newfound knowledge and belief in cryptocurrencies, Ibrahim sought to build a platform that will offer skeptical users like him an opportunity to effortlessly buy, trade, or sell Bitcoin and altcoins from the comfort of their homes.

Upon a proposal from Mr. Hakan who has been in the blockchain and crypto space for more than 10 years, Cryptofon was built, although on Xtremcoin’s existing code. The company executive further revealed that the aim as partners and friends was, specifically, to create a safe platform where users are guaranteed accurate, reliable, fast, efficient, and quality services that are on the same level as that offered by larger exchanges with more shares in the sector.


A 50%-50% partnership style, a total of €337,000 was invested, with Mr. İbrahim Kalem and Mr. Hakan Atabas a certified Computer Engineer handling the coding and software infrastructure aspect of the business. Collaborated in the creation of over 46 different projects in the industry, Hakan will offer his in-depth knowledge, skill set, and undoubtedly his experience in the sector into ensuring that this service platform is not only secure but user-friendly.

Speaking to reporters about this partnership and how it came to fruition, Mr. Atabas stated that the idea that unity is stronger, the right person, the right task, and the ideal environment breeds results, is surprisingly, one of the most factual things he's learned in over 21 years. Prioritizing users, Hakan revealed that his aim has always been to protect people;

“I always aimed to put myself in the place of users and present the best, the most beautiful, and the most robust to them”,

Mr. Atabas mentioned.

Worth over $1.3 trillion, the crypto market is currently experiencing a massive boom. The launch of various trends in the last couple of years has been a real boon to the market. With interest in cryptocurrencies surging as reported by Statista.com, the launch of Cryptofon will offer these investors an opportunity to buy and sell digital assets easily, in compliance with state rules and regulations.

What started as a beautiful friendship borne out of prior collaborations and trade has metamorphosed into a commercially enriching partnership with the interest of users at heart.

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