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How Crypto Investors Can Profit From S&P 500, Gold, and Oil Trading On PrimeXBT


While there will always be a subset of the market that loves their meme coins, NFTs, and other currently trending assets, the rest of the market is maturing into a respected space where retail investors, institutions, and Wall Street all come together.

With cryptocurrencies now finding a place in the portfolios of institutional investors who have historically focused on traditional markets, why shouldn’t crypto investors also learn what these conventional markets have to offer? Opportunities are around every corner, and not just with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Best of all, they can all be found under just one roof with the award-winning PrimeXBT.

Institutions And Crypto Exposure

Big players are now buying BTC in large sums, expecting the prices to reach tens of millions. Companies like Fidelity that once bashed the cryptocurrency are now making price predictions that are fueling such speculation.

Ethereum is now taken seriously as an asset as important as Bitcoin, with most of DeFi and NFTs built upon its back. Other altcoins are also starting to gain real clout with high-wealth investors and whales, not just retail buyers.

But these so-called “smart money” whales might be buying crypto now, but it only represents a tiny share of their portfolio, often under 10% or as little as 1-3% of total exposure. The reason being is that these assets are speculative still and carry more risk due to the uncertainty around regulation and more – unlike markets like gold, the S&P 500, or oil.

Retail And Traditional Market Exposure

Retail crypto investors and traders are often all-in on crypto, with no diversity in their portfolios. They believe they’re diversifying by adding coins from a variety of sectors, but in the end, when Bitcoin and Ethereum come crashing down, it doesn’t matter what token you’re holding; it is likely to suffer as well.

Retail crypto investors should take a page from smart money’s playbook and diversify their portfolios a lot better and with traditional exposure. Buying shares of GameStop or AMC simply isn’t enough traditional market exposure, as the same investors in those baskets are also who are buying crypto.

Instead, retail crypto investors and traders should look toward diversifying one’s portfolio using CFDs on traditional assets such as stock indices, metals, and commodities. With more variety, crypto exposure becomes less stressful, opportunities in other markets are no longer missed, and in general, a portfolio is typically less risky and more successful overall data shows.

Portfolio Diversity Made Easy With PrimeXBT

The problem with accessing so many markets at once as a retail trader, there simply aren’t many options out there that offer exposure to all of these markets under one roof. Retail would otherwise have to juggle a stock broker, forex exchange, crypto trading platform, and more to build such a diverse portfolio as what we have outlined above.

With PrimeXBT, the award-winning multi-asset trading platform has more than 50 different trading instruments all under one roof. Instruments include major stock indices like the S&P 500, DAX 30, FTSE, and several others; forex currencies pairs of all kinds ranging from majors, minors, and exotics; gold and silver; Brent and Crude oil, natural gas, and much more.

Plus, not only are margin accounts based in BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC, but there are CFDs on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more, each trading against the dollar or altcoins against Bitcoin.

The platform offers so much diversity, flexibility, and simplicity the value is undeniable. All of this exists under one roof, complete with the best trading tools around. There is built-in charting software from TradingView, long and short positions, advanced order types, and a customizable and stylish user interface.

Conclusion: Don’t Go All-In, Diversity With Traditional Markets And PrimeXBT

Going all-in on crypto is a great way to make a ton of money fast, but it is also a risky approach with how volatile crypto can be. A more calculated and risk-averse approach involves a well-rounded portfolio where the exposure makes sense across the board.

Only by using the professional features and services found on PrimeXBT, such portfolio diversity is possible.

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