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Token Rocati: real housing for virtual money

Vsevolod Gnetii

Cryptocurrency Rocati: mortgage 100% without down payment.

A young Italian engineer from Bologna, Emanuele Pinzi, created his own cryptocurrency Rocati, radically different from more famous “brethren” Bitcoin and Etherium. A beginner of electronic money has more advantageous differences from his predecessors on the market. First of all, it does not require huge expenditures of electricity and capital investments, despite the fact that the new cryptocurrency is based on the principle of the blockchain. The linking to the real sector of the economy achieves the savings on energy costs, namely on the real estate market.  Transactions are registered by a notary through the same technology of blockchain in electronic format online. All this makes the procedure transparent. Capitalization of Rocati is 45 million euros, one token costs 1 euro.

The idea of ​​Pinzi is simple: to introduce this cryptocurrency as a payment instrument into the market for the purchase and sale of residential real estate, bypassing the banking sector, and its additional banking costs, from real estate transactions and guaranteeing the realization of the possibility of buying and/or redeveloping residential real estate at a 100% mortgage without an initial installment when paying in Rocati cryptocurrency.

This provides a unique opportunity for young families with low incomes to acquire their housing facilities without starting capital. Another advantageous feature is a lower interest rate on mortgages than in the banking sector.

How does it work? Emanuele Pinzi, a creator, and owner of the new cryptocurrency Rocati tied it to the real estate sector. He signed a contract with one of the most significant Italian associations of realtors — Itarco. This gave a stabilizing impulse to Rocati: the token gained stability, became less prone to fluctuations in the exchange rate — other words,  it is built on a solid foundation.

Financial security comes from depositors and third-party investors who invest money in the new cryptocurrency. The firm Pinzi guarantees a 100% mortgage without an initial installment when concluding a preliminary transfer contract for the purchase and sale of housing regarding the rent to buy with the right to purchase in the cryptocurrency Rocati.

The rent is paid in the form of payment in the tokens via the Rocati blockchain system. This is the working capital of Rocati: the more payments and transactions are made in Rocati cryptocurrency, the more real estate purchased for tokens, and the higher its quotes. In addition to purchasers of residential real estate, the currency is in free sale, attracting investors by its cheap starting price and stability, which guarantees its protection against sharp swings in the rate and sudden fluctuations.

Investors who buy Rocati tokens give young families and low-income groups an opportunity to purchase housing with a 100% mortgage since it is their money that goes to the advance payment for the residential real estate. According to the founder of the cryptocurrency Emanuele Pinzi, it is this socially significant factor that makes his offspring the most attractive for small investors. People know that they invest in a "brick", the real sector of the economy, and at the same time show generosity and charity, allowing less wealthy fellow citizens to become owners of housing facilities.

Another factor that Pinzi wants to stake is the psychological state of investors after a series of scandals and bankruptcies that shocked the Italian banking sector. Despite the numerous assurances from the Italian government that compensation was guaranteed to deceived investors, the return of money was not guaranteed to everyone, and the country was shocked by a series of suicides of people who lost all their savings. The essence of the problem was in the classic financial bubble, which eventually burst. Rocati relies on the crowding out, with the subsequent complete elimination of the banking sector from the real estate sector, and in this case, small investors and individual investors will be happy to help.

In this case, according to Emanuele Pinzi, stability guarantees the real estate sector, one of the most sustainable and stable in Italy.

In 2017, the real estate market in Italy was estimated at 118 billion euros, with a growth of 14% compared with the previous period.

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