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Neobanks have arrived — is the market trembling?
04 October 2019 08:04, UTC Aleksandre B
Neobank is a name for a company that provides services similar to traditional banking, but without the ordinary offices. They work only online via a special application
Q3 2019 Results: Crypto Market Collapses Again
03 October 2019 14:50, UTC Margareth Nail
BNT has prepared a review of the events in the cryptocurrency market for the Q3 2019. Read how the value of cryptocurrencies changed from July to September, as well as their capitalization
US Federal Reserve Receives Pleas About Creating a National Digital Currency
03 October 2019 13:49, UTC
Naturally, this is something that should be taken up with the Federal Reserve, as this institution has the sole authority over the future of American monetary and fiscal policies
TON Is Scheduled to Launch Before the End of October
03 October 2019 11:44, UTC
A message was posted on the Telegram channel stating that the initial investors received emails from the Telegram team
Digital Rights Act Enters into Force in Russia
02 October 2019 13:42, UTC
The law establishes the basic rules for regulating the circulation of digital rights and allows judicial protection of the rights of citizens and legal entities
Trustee of Mt.Gox Is Interested in the Case of Alexander Vinnik
02 October 2019 12:12, UTC
Nobuaki Kobayashi requested details of the investigation on the notorious BTC-e exchange with Russian roots, which was operated by Vinnik
Block.one (EOS) To Pay a $26 Mln Fine For Its Year 2017 ICO
01 October 2019 13:45, UTC
In 2017, Block.one raised $4 Bln through an initial coin offering, which resulted in the consecutive launch of EOS
Cardano Plans to Partner with New Balance to Fight Counterfeiting
01 October 2019 11:03, UTC
By authenticating the company's premium line of sneakers, Cardano can produce blockchain-based data which can be trusted by consumers and retailers
Ripple Invests in DeFi Solutions
30 September 2019 14:46, UTC
Ripple's investment division, Xpring, recently completed the acquisition of Logos, a turnkey payment solution focused on speed and scalability
Guest posts
Ultimate Blockchain Solutions for Ecommerce Startups
30 September 2019 11:59, UTC Dorian Martin
The technology has the potential to make eCommerce easier and safer by introducing cost reductions in payments, eliminating inefficiencies in the supply chain, reducing fraud, etc
Ukrainian Politicians Are Determined to Legalize Cryptocurrencies
30 September 2019 08:42, UTC
The officials note that the government plans to legalize crypto assets, removing them from the "gray zone" in which they currently exist in Ukraine
Venezuela’s central bank is thinking about cryptocurrency reserves
27 September 2019 11:50, UTC
The Central Bank of Venezuela has received numerous pleas from the country’s biggest oil-exporting company, Petroleos de Venezuela SA to create repository for Bitcoin and Ethereum
The Number of Public Nodes in Bitcoin Lightning Network Has Reached 10,000
27 September 2019 08:37, UTC
The second layer scaling technology is aimed at unloading the main blockchain by taking transactions and subsequently reducing associated transaction fees
AI in 2019: 7 Trends Every Business Must Focus On
26 September 2019 14:00, UTC Atman Rathod
While companies are adopting AI to push growth, this is high time for all of them to take a comprehensive look at the unfolding trends in the world of AI
Block.One (EOS) Expands Its Presence in the USA
26 September 2019 12:43, UTC
The company has an office in the city of Blacksburg, Virginia, where 80 employees work. The new facility will employ 170 people in the field of professional and IT services
Tourism With Artificial Intelligence in Italy
26 September 2019 12:02, UTC
Neosperience's project is based on the use of artificial intelligence in the field of reception, accommodation and service of VIP-segment tourists

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