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Ripple CEO Comments on Rumors of XRP Price Manipulation in an Interview
13 September 2019 12:52, UTC
The CEO of the company expressed the opinion that the long-term value of any digital asset will be composed of its utility meaning that XRP is better than BTC
Bitcoin Fundamentals Hit Highest Levels Ever
13 September 2019 11:30, UTC Matthew Warburton
The volatility is still there, though the price seems set to take a positive trend and many are predicting that this is just the beginning of a bullish market
Venezuelan State Bank Opened El Petro Crypto Wallet Registration
13 September 2019 09:02, UTC
Customers noticed the appearance of a new wallet registration module in the user interface of their online accounts. The Bank didn’t provide any official statements yet
Mastercard and R3 To Develop a Platform for Cross-border Payments on Blockchain
12 September 2019 12:30, UTC
Initially, it will be aimed at connecting faster payment schemes and banks with the support of the Mastercard clearing and settlement network
Best Blockchain-based Tourism Apps
12 September 2019 11:30, UTC
With the advent of blockchain technology, platforms created on its basis give tourists the opportunity to choose conditions of vacations, cost and type of necessary services
Facebook’s Libra Wants a Payment System License From FINMA
12 September 2019 08:26, UTC
According to FINMA, the Libra tokens surpass the classification of a traditional payment system which will require more oversight from regulators and the determination of relevancy
Steemit Introduces New Features to Finance Platform Proposals
11 September 2019 12:19, UTC
It was announced that the user interface for Steem.DAO was launched. According to reports, large-scale tests were conducted in the development environment of Steemit
Localbitcoins Сriticizes Tor: Сrypto Community Reacts
11 September 2019 08:55, UTC
Against the backdrop of the growing tension between Localbitcoins and the community, cryptocurrency supporters criticize the service due to the growing demands for identification
Guest posts
ASICs vs GPUs: Understanding The Great Crypto Mining Debate
10 September 2019 13:46, UTC Philip Salter
Miners have two categories of tools at their disposal. Here’s what you need to know about why ASIC and GPU miners clash so severely
Bitcoin ETF: Will SEC Concede By The End of 2019?
10 September 2019 11:28, UTC Massimo Di Giuda
The crypto community is looking forward to the U.S. regulator giving green light to the Bitcoin ETF launch. Learn how the adoption of a new tool will affect Bitcoin in general
Catalan Government Develops DLT-based Identification System
10 September 2019 09:56, UTC
The initiative is part of the policy of the autonomous region of Spain to stimulate the use of technology in government and society
LG Joins the Fray With a New Blockchain-enabled Smartphone
10 September 2019 07:09, UTC
One of South Korea’s largest electronics companies, LG, has finally decided that it’s time to delve into the blockchain technology
Top Tips For Bitcoin Casino High Rollers
02 September 2019 14:34, UTC
For high rollers, those players who enjoy large wagers, anonymity is essential. The anonymous nature of Bitcoin transactions, however, guards their privacy
Authentication: The Door To The Digital World
09 September 2019 12:10, UTC Aleksandre B
Identification, authentication, authorization, verification — all these terms are associated with connecting person to digital services. Where they come from and what do they mean?
Dapp.com Raised $1 Mln To Popularize Blockchain-based Applications
09 September 2019 10:01, UTC
The platform analyzes and distributes about 3,000 blockchain applications. It also provides analytic information with a ranking algorithm for its users
‘Alexander Hamilton’ Rap-battled ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’
09 September 2019 07:48, UTC
It is a well-directed YouTube video where all of the griefs of the old and the new financial systems have a go at each other and point out the flaws and the issues that both face
How to Integrate Blockchain into Your Content Strategy
06 September 2019 11:07, UTC Estelle Liotard
However, we know very well that blockchain stands to benefit a wide range of industries... Is content marketing one of them?

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