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In Spite of the Banking Ban, Crypto is Booming in Nigeria
29 July 2021 13:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko

32 percent of Nigerians said they're using crypto. Nigeria was placed ninth in Chainalysis' 2020 report on bitcoin usage throughout the world

Monero Developers Found A Bug That Allows Tracking User Transactions
28 July 2021 13:55, UTC Anna Martynova

Monero cryptocurrency developers have discovered a bug that may affect the privacy of user transactions

Coca-Cola Launches Its First NFT Collection
28 July 2021 12:38, UTC Anna Martynova

Coca-Cola announces its first entry into the world of non-fungible tokens in partnership with Tafi and OpenSea

Is There a Chance That Crypto Market Starts to Rebound?
28 July 2021 08:15, UTC Nick James

Short-sellers walked out after a good week, and traders thought a couple of encouraging remarks from important investors would herald a turnaround in shaky sentiment

Amazon Has Denied Rumors About Accepting Payments In Bitcoins
27 July 2021 13:00, UTC Anna Martynova

Amazon denies the media report that the e-commerce giant is to accept bitcoin payments by the end of this year

Stone Ridge Asset Management Applies To SEC For New Bitcoin Fund
27 July 2021 12:00, UTC Anna Martynova

Stone Ridge Asset Management adheres to a bitcoin-focused investment strategy

Ethereum 2.0 Has Over 200,000 Validators
26 July 2021 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova

The number of Ethereum 2.0 validators has exceeded 200,000, more than 6 mln ETH are withdrawn from circulation

Amazon Will Accept Bitcoin Payments By The End Of The Year
26 July 2021 13:53, UTC Anna Martynova

Amazon plans to start accepting payments in bitcoins by the end of this year, and then introduce its own cryptocurrency

Monero Blockchain Reaches Record Number of Average Daily Transactions
23 July 2021 12:00, UTC Anna Martynova

Monero blockchain reaches the record number of daily transactions, the coin price increases by 11%

In Turkey, A Draft Law With New Rules For Cryptocurrencies Will Be Presented In Parliament In October 2021
23 July 2021 11:33, UTC Anna Martynova

A draft law to regulate cryptocurrencies will be submitted to the Ankara parliament in October this year

The Limitless World of Quantum Computing
23 July 2021 08:15, UTC Upama Goswami

Although yet in its infancy, quantum computing is considered not less than a phenomenon in the realm of quantum mechanics. It is undoubtedly a massive leap forward in computing technology which will be used to solve a multifold of problems

MasterCard Will Use USDC Stablecoin To Facilitate Crypto Payments
22 July 2021 14:15, UTC Anna Martynova

Mastercard announces a partnership with Circle, Paxos and Evolve Bank&Trust to facilitate a conversion between cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies

Port of Buenos Aires Plans To Implement Blockchain Technology
22 July 2021 13:15, UTC Anna Martynova

Port of Buenos Aires will be modernized with blockchain technology

Sacramento Kings Launches NFT Collection with Physical and Digital Items
22 July 2021 12:15, UTC Anna Martynova

The Sacramento Kings professional basketball club launches a collection of 85 NFTs featuring the 1985 Season 1 pin

The Vast Majority of Institutional Investors Will Own Cryptocurrency By 2026
21 July 2021 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova

Asia's crypto adoption rate is 71 percent, followed by Europe at 56 percent and the US at 33 percent

70% of Bitcoin Holders Will Keep The Cryptocurrency If It Falls Below $3,000
21 July 2021 14:00, UTC Anna Martynova

The Twitter survey shows that almost 70% of bitcoin holders will keep bitcoin if it drops below $3,000

Twitch Streamers in a New Crypto Trend Craze, Avoiding Laws
21 July 2021 08:32, UTC Nick James

Twitch is experiencing a gambling boom, because of the emergence of websites where gamblers can buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to play in virtual online casinos

$150 Mln Fund Created to Support Terra Ecosystem
20 July 2021 13:10, UTC Anna Martynova

A $150 mln fund has been created to finance projects built on the Terra blockchain

LCX and Hedera Hashgraph Have Entered Into A Strategic Partnership
20 July 2021 12:10, UTC Anna Martynova

Hedera Hashgraph and LCX collaborate on infrastructure for digital securities

Guest posts
5 Insurance Companies Accepting Crypto Payments
20 July 2021 07:55, UTC Devin Partida

Right now, most insurance companies will expect payment in fiat — but there are a growing number of providers that will accept payments in crypto

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