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HitBTC Now Offers Margin Trading
17 July 2020 07:46, UTC Denis Goncharenko
HitBTC has the widest selection of supported digital assets on the market. Margin trading is available for the same order types HitBTC offers to its users for the limited list of assets
Japanese Government Plans CBDC, Mitsubishi Launches Its Own Stablecoin
16 July 2020 15:28, UTC Anna Martynova
Japan will include the issue of working with the digital currency of the Central Bank in the country's economic plan, and the MUFG financial group will launch a stablecoin this year
Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Support Stellar
16 July 2020 14:13, UTC Anna Martynova
New partnership between Stellar and Samsung enables users to experience the benefits of innovative solutions on the blockchain
Binance Launches Card For European Market
15 July 2020 15:30, UTC Anna Martynova
Binance Card successfully passed the beta testing and will be available in August for residents of the Eurozone, and later the UK
New Partnership Between Travala and Brave
15 July 2020 14:27, UTC Anna Martynova
Travala and the Brave browser entered into a partnership in which Travala added a BAT token for payment and will use Brave targeted advertising
Theta Project: Is It a Hype or a Real Competitor In the Video Market?
15 July 2020 09:35, UTC Bogdan Vinogradov
Theta's main idea is to distribute video content using blockchain technology. But is everything so successful as it sounds?
bZx Token Migrates to Ethereum
14 July 2020 16:00, UTC Anna Martynova
On Monday, the bZx token was transferred to Ethereum, the token was renamed to BZRX
The Total Value Of ERC-20 Tokens Exceeded The Value Of ETH
14 July 2020 14:52, UTC Anna Martynova
Amid the growing popularity of decentralized finance, the market capitalization of ERC-20 exceeded the same indicator for ETH
Is it Possible to Cheat the Face Recognition System: Meet the Expert
14 July 2020 14:13, UTC Yuri Godina, founder of Facemetric
Neural network algorithms are developing at such a speed that they can often recognize people more effectively than the human eye. Expert Yuri Godina talks about the most common “bypass techniques”
Cashaa Exchange Suffered From Hackers
13 July 2020 14:56, UTC Anna Martynova
Bitcoin totaling $3.1 mln was stolen from Cashaa crypto exchange and allegedly withdrawn to Delhi
Chainlink Grew By 35% And Entered The Top 10 In Terms Of Capitalization
13 July 2020 13:09, UTC Anna Martynova
Over the past weeks, the cryptocurrency LINK has shown a bullish trend and continues to attract investors and new users
Ripple Partnered With Thailand's Oldest Bank To Lower Remittance Costs
10 July 2020 20:00, UTC Anna Martynova
Ripple and Siam Commercial Bank, within the framework of cooperation, launched a promotional money transfer service
TikTok Video Triggered Dogecoin's Dynamic Growth
10 July 2020 19:33, UTC Anna Martynova
James Galante posted a video on TikTok, which provoked an increase in the cost of DOGE and its cryptocurrency capitalization
New VeChain Partnership Against COVID-19
09 July 2020 15:30, UTC Anna Martynova
Steel giant implements VeChain blockchain application to manage the risk of COVID-19 infection among company employees
Chainlink Designated As Part Of China BSN Development, LINK Price Goes Up
09 July 2020 15:04, UTC Anna Martynova
The growth of LINK coin coincides with the launch of BSN and the statement about the Oracle Chainlink by BSN
Guest posts
How Do Digital Wallets Benefit Small Businesses
09 July 2020 08:48, UTC Nikunj Gundaniya
Digital wallets (also called e-wallets) are smartphone apps that have substituted the old wallet monetary transactions. Mobile commerce is expected to be the leading segment till the end of 2020
Cardano Will Create A Platform For US Elections, To LaunchTokens For Kanye West And Brock Pierce
08 July 2020 14:58, UTC
Cardano will support two candidates for US presidency, issue named coins and launch an oracle for voting results
Mercedes Tests Blockchain For Supply Chain And Exchange Of Information
08 July 2020 14:55, UTC
Mercedes car maker, jointly with Ocean Protocol, successfully tested the use of blockchain for the exchange, extraction and control of information
The FATF Announces the Need for New Guidelines for the Crypto Industry
08 July 2020 13:40, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The new president considers it necessary to amend the guidelines for the cryptocurrency industry, as many countries still have not fully implemented previously accepted standard

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