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70% of Bitcoin Holders Will Keep The Cryptocurrency If It Falls Below $3,000
21 July 2021 14:00, UTC Anna Martynova

The Twitter survey shows that almost 70% of bitcoin holders will keep bitcoin if it drops below $3,000

Twitch Streamers in a New Crypto Trend Craze, Avoiding Laws
21 July 2021 08:32, UTC Nick James

Twitch is experiencing a gambling boom, because of the emergence of websites where gamblers can buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to play in virtual online casinos

$150 Mln Fund Created to Support Terra Ecosystem
20 July 2021 13:10, UTC Anna Martynova

A $150 mln fund has been created to finance projects built on the Terra blockchain

LCX and Hedera Hashgraph Have Entered Into A Strategic Partnership
20 July 2021 12:10, UTC Anna Martynova

Hedera Hashgraph and LCX collaborate on infrastructure for digital securities

Guest posts
5 Insurance Companies Accepting Crypto Payments
20 July 2021 07:55, UTC Devin Partida

Right now, most insurance companies will expect payment in fiat — but there are a growing number of providers that will accept payments in crypto

Binance Burned Nearly $400 Mln Worth of BNB Tokens
19 July 2021 14:40, UTC Anna Martynova

Binance burns 1,296,565 BNB, approximately $393.6 mln

Paraguayan Lawmakers Introduce Bitcoin Bill
19 July 2021 13:35, UTC Anna Martynova

The bitcoin regulation bill presented at the Paraguayan National Congress aims to control and regulate crypto transactions, establish taxes

Here Is How Ransomware Operators Sucker-Punch Stubborn Victims
19 July 2021 12:30, UTC David Balaban

A shift towards targeting companies rather than individuals was one of the biggest milestones in ransomware evolution. This tactic gained momentum around 2018 and continues these days

Square to Launch Bitcoin DeFi Platform
16 July 2021 14:10, UTC Anna Martynova

Jack Dorsey is going to launch the DeFi platform based on bitcoin

Central Bank of China Publishes Digital Yuan White Paper For The First Time
16 July 2021 13:09, UTC Anna Martynova

China publishes first e-CNY white paper confirming smart contract programmability

Zilliqa Team Solves Memory Issue Caused By Large Smart Contracts
15 July 2021 13:35, UTC Anna Martynova

Zilliqa Mainnet has been updated to fix an issue that caused mining nodes to run out of memory

Cardano Approaches Smart Contracts With Alonzo White
15 July 2021 12:35, UTC Anna Martynova

Cardano reaches another major milestone bringing it closer to smart contracts

Brazilian Regulator Approves First Ethereum ETF In Latin America
14 July 2021 14:30, UTC Anna Martynova

Brazilian Securities Commission approves South America's first Ethereum-based exchange-traded fund

Elon Musk Revives An Old Controversy Put Forward By Bitcoin Cash Supporters
14 July 2021 13:29, UTC Anna Martynova

Tesla CEO renews an old debate about bitcoin scaling solution

Chia Network Plans New Defi Products
13 July 2021 12:58, UTC Anna Martynova

The founder of Chia Network announced plans to develop new DeFi products in the project ecosystem

Will Bitcoin Be Good for The Environment in The Long Run?
13 July 2021 07:40, UTC Jack Spade

Bitcoin miners claim that 74.1% of the energy used in mining is renewable, but this statement alone does not tell the whole story

Circle Is Committed To Leading The Way In Public Transparency
12 July 2021 14:45, UTC Anna Martynova

Circle CEO announces plans to increase transparency for USDC stablecoin

Bitcoin Consumes 60% Less Electricity
12 July 2021 13:40, UTC Anna Martynova

Bitcoin electricity consumption fell by 60%. The electricity consumed by the industry is becoming more efficient

6 Essential Skills to Become a Successful Blockchain Developer
12 July 2021 07:00, UTC Gaurav Sharma

To understand what it takes to become a blockchain developer and what you would accomplish after becoming one, read the article

Cryptobank Sygnum Offers Ethereum 2.0 Staking Service
09 July 2021 10:40, UTC Anna Martynova

Swiss crypto bank Sygnum has launched Ethereum 2.0 staking service and it is the first bank to offer this service

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