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El Petro’s Eleven Enemies: Why The World Policemen To Force Venezuela To Its Knees
09 October 2018 15:57, UTC Oleg Koldayev
The US Senate will prepare the stop-list for the digital coins of rogue states.
Switzerland Teams Up With Liechtenstein To Show $44 Bln Crypto Market Valuation
15 October 2018 10:53, UTC Denis Goncharenko
FINMA issues the first license, allowing legal operations with crypto assets. Meanwhile, CVVC presents the report about country’s success in the crypto sphere. What is the reason for such an intense activity?
From Russia With Love! TOON #6
15 October 2018 15:34, UTC
American authorities are afraid of the digital economy getting strong. There is a good chance for protecting the dollar system by making a scarecrow out of a strong competitor.
How Crypto Exchanges Lost Over $882 Million In Two Years
10 October 2018 08:54, UTC Theodore Serdotetskiy
Experts: the main danger comes from nation-state hackers from China, North Korea and Iran. It's time to become a hunter, not a target!
India: Why RBI Is Wary of Crypto
03 October 2018 09:03, UTC Theodore Serdotetskiy
The Supreme Court of India has not yet made a decision on the regulation of cryptocurrencies.
Swiss FDF to propose blockchain policies options at the end of 2018
25 September 2018 17:41, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Switzerland has proven to be one of the best crypto jurisdictions by now. Still, there are some issues that need clarification, and regulators are eager to update legislation frameworks by the end of 2018.
Follow My Lead: Philippines And South Korea To Adopt The Swiss Standards of Regulation
26 September 2018 12:54, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The success of one may inspire the others to go the same way. What is the reason behind such decisions? Can it become a global trend in the near future?
Let's Make Venezuela Great Again? Toon #1
27 September 2018 16:45, UTC
We officially open a new section - Bitnewstoday TOON. The most meaningful digital economic trends through the eyes of the brilliant cartoonist Maxim Smagin.
Minister of Finance of Lithuania: The Amendments for Crypto Regulation To Appear in 2019
27 September 2018 19:48, UTC Alina Belkovskaya, Denis Goncharenko
Lithuania was the third country in the world in terms of capital raised through ICO in the beginning of the year. The country is not planning to decrease the tempo.
France: How Loi Pacte Can Be Revised
28 September 2018 17:52, UTC Denis Goncharenko
AMF makes positive steps towards regulating ICO, blockchain and cryptos. But is that truly enough to make France attractive for new startups and investors?
Latin America: From State Support of Cryptocurrency To Jail For Mining
01 October 2018 11:31, UTC Theodore Serdotetskiy
Why in some Latin American countries crypto traders have their hands tied, while in others the state actively supports the digital currency?
The Central Bank of Lithuania To Launch a Blockchain Sandbox in 2019
02 October 2018 11:32, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The Baltic countries have agreed to work on DLT in 2017. During the following year, Lithuanian authorities created a great environment for the blockchain startups and ICOs.
One Way Ticket, Monsieur Macron! TOON #2
02 October 2018 16:38, UTC
This Bitnewstoday toon is devoted to France and why the revision of Loi Pacte is considered a one way ticket.
Virtual Assets Bursted Into International Politics Through United Nations Agenda
02 October 2018 19:02, UTC Oleg Koldayev
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett may calm down. Virtual assets will survive without their approval
SEC And FATF Are Moving Towards Acceptance of Digital Assets
24 September 2018 10:35, UTC Oleg Koldayev
The US SEC США announced the start of procedure of making a decision about the possibility of virtual assets trading and FATF is correcting the rules of AML. The digital market is moving inexorably towards the institutionalization
Image of The Day, 19 of September: The New York Times, Forbes, Market Watch and Others
19 September 2018 20:57, UTC Daniil Danchenko
We're presenting "image of the of the day”. The most important stories of this week in the most indicative quotes are below!
NATO and BRICS: The Start of The New Digital Race
17 September 2018 13:30, UTC Oleg Koldayev
As in former times, two blocks of countries compete with each other for the technological readership
Europe and Africa Are Legalizing Digital Market as Crisis Is Coming
19 September 2018 08:59, UTC Oleg Koldayev
France and Zimbabwe took on the regulation of the virtual assets market. Perhaps, the politicians of these countries are pushed to the decisive actions by the presentiment of the global economic crisis
US and UK: It’s Time To Get Ready for a Struggle for The Digital Market
19 September 2018 20:12, UTC Oleg Koldayev, Anna Zhygalina
Geopolitical rates in the struggle for the digital market are rising. The USA and Great Britain give their legislators the cue: stop stalling the adoption of the laws on virtual assets!
Under What Conditions Can The Digital Arab Market Grow Like Islamic Banking by 20% Annually
21 September 2018 13:57, UTC Oleg Koldayev
Arabian financial regulators all together insist on the unified rules of the game in the digital market. But what rules do they need actually?

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