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The annual cryptocurrency market review : what's left after the hype
02 January 2019 19:00, UTC Margareth Nail
Bitnewstoday presents an annual review of the cryptocurrency market: who had a good year and who failed completely
Happy New Year 2019! Congratulations From Bitnewstoday Editorial
31 December 2018 13:09, UTC
We congratulate you on the holiday, wishing you the best, and also we announce some important news
Image of The Week, 24-29 of December
29 December 2018 13:36, UTC Ian Marchewski
What were the world’s most influential media telling about blockchain and crypto this week? Learn in our weekly digest
WEX Cryptocurrency Exchange — What’s New On The Horizon
15 December 2018 13:20, UTC Paul GRAPES
BTC-e and WEX cryptocurrency exchanges are notoriously known for the fraud scandals. What is the background of their story and would there be some bright future for WEX?
What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019
29 December 2018 09:38, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Investments in Bitcoin in 2018 didn’t make profit. The situation on the digital assets market is not so positive, but lots of investors see the bright sides and new opportunities
Samsung Filed Trademarks In UK and EU For Cryptocurrency Wallet
29 December 2018 07:21, UTC Denis Goncharenko
It is rumored that the company plans to introduce crypto wallets implemented in Galaxy S10 smartphones. However, Samsung representatives denied it
Visa Inc About To Acquire Earthport Plc, One of Ripple’s Partners
28 December 2018 09:15, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The deal that Visa International Service Association and Earthport are about to conclude, is estimated at £198 mln. The Earthport shares’ price surge by 346%
Phishing Attack On Electrum Wallet. About 200 BTC Lost
28 December 2018 06:52, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The application was attacked by hackers. The developers have confirmed this information, but the threat has not been dealt with at the moment.
What will happen to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices in 2019?
27 December 2018 14:30, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Most of the investors are interested for the prices to bounce in 2019. The majority of the experts are positive and believe the prices will go up
Mizuho Financial Group To Release Its Own Stablecoin For Cashless Payments
27 December 2018 11:15, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The introduction of the digital currency is scheduled for the March of the upcoming year. About 60 regional banks are involved in cooperation
UN Launches New Healthcare Project in Eastern Africa
27 December 2018 08:48, UTC Denis Goncharenko
UNODC partners with Doc.com for the launch of telemedicine and telepsychology platforms in the second quarter of 2019
Indian Crypto Exchange Claims About Reaching Trading Volumes Record
26 December 2018 11:10, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Despite the statements of the authorities and the uncertainty in the regulation of the crypto industry in India, the trade volumes continue to grow rapidly
The $1,8B of Tether funds are under question again
26 December 2018 07:37, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Suspicions regarding the stablecoin still occur. This time, the researchers show their concern about a partnership with the Deltec bank.
Hard Times: How Much Money Has Been Lost in Bitcoin in 2018
25 December 2018 14:30, UTC Aleksandre B
2018 is almost over — at least, it wasn't dull. What has changed, what was in people’s minds, how much money has been lost in bitcoin by enthusiasts, did someone get rich in the end?
No Xmas Miracle: Bitcoin Goes Less Than $ 4,000 Again
25 December 2018 10:05, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Another bear trend on 25 December. 96 out of TOP-100 cryptocurrencies are in the red zone once more
The Japanese Yen Grabs Leadership In Bitcoin-To-Fiat Trading
25 December 2018 07:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The Japanese Yen competes with US dollar. The country still is the leader in the sphere of crypto and blockchain in Asia
The Eurasian Economic Union To Launch Digital Currency in 2020
24 December 2018 06:30, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The innovational digital currency can become the ECU analogue. The decision could be a solution to the economic sanctions
Image of The Week, 17-21 of December: Forbes, The New York Times, Bloomberg and Other
21 December 2018 14:15, UTC Ian Marchewski
Check the most important stories and quotes of the week in our regular world media digest. Stay up-to-date with Bitnewstoday!
Guest posts
Merry Christmas, Satoshi!
21 December 2018 13:30, UTC Hans Koning
2018 is drawing to a close. It’s time to take a look back, and also express some hopes for 2019. Drs. Hans Koning makes a brief overview and thanks the mysterious Bitcoin leader
OKEx announces a new bitcoin derivative: “perpetual swap”
21 December 2018 09:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx launched a new derivative instrument. It provides traders with new opportunities

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