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The case of Litecoin: five catalysts for growth
14 March 2018 21:00, UTC Adrian Smith
Bitnewstoday in conjunction with experts analyzes the secrets of the success of one of the largest altcoins — Litecoin
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10 Things You Should Know About SiaCoin
18 March 2018 21:00, UTC Alexander Barkovskii, the founder of Nanopool
There are different kinds of cryptocurrency. Some of them are mayflies while the others are trustful and attractive for investors. Today we will tell you all the most interesting about siacoin in 2018. Siacoin is traded on exchanges like Yobit and discussed on bitcointalk.org, Twitter and other social networks. In this article you will also learn about siacoin calculator hdd and other useful information
Guest posts
In a Monero way: 10 revealing facts about the most anonymous cryptocurrency
04 April 2018 21:00, UTC Philipe Comini, Gimmer.net automated crypto-trading platform CEO and co-founder
Read about noteworthiness of Monero cryptocurrency and its prospects in the article of Bitnewstoday
Banking half-blood: Ripple’s life after sobering
07 February 2018 21:00, UTC Olga RUSAKOVA
Bitnewstoday decided to analyze the specific features of cryptocurrency Ripple and to discuss its development perspectives in 2018
History of Ripple: 10 facts
20 February 2018 21:00, UTC Mary Ann Callahan
Ripple — one of the most promising currencies, which doesn't leave investors indifferent. Read 10 facts about the history of cryptocurrency in the review of BNT
Altcoins have rebounded following bitcoin
21 February 2018 21:00, UTC Margaret NAIL, Emilia ROMAGNA
Experts believe that the correction of the bitcoin value is over and in the near future a steady growth will follow. Bitnewstoday has prepared a review about what is occurring on the cryptomarket now
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How mining equipment evolved: from GPU to ASIC
17 January 2018 21:00, UTC Margareth Nail
Bitnewstoday.com takes a look at how mining difficulty has changed components of mining equipment
How to legalize profit made on cryptocurrency
28 November 2017 21:00, UTC Margareth Nail
Bitnewstoday.com tries to figure out in this article, how to legalize the income received from sale and purchase of cryptocurrency
Hidden mining. How not to become a cryptoslave
05 April 2018 21:00, UTC Bogdan Vinogradov
Hidden mining: how do people become cryptoslaves without even knowing it. Bitnewstoday decided to scrutinize the essential points
Mum, I am a miner…
15 May 2018 21:00, UTC Anastasia Nagyrnova
In this article on Bitnewstoday you will learn about what should be taken into account when choosing equipment for mining, and also will read the analysis of the most popular GPUs
Ethereal affairs: how to mine Ethereum
16 May 2018 21:00, UTC Bogdan Vinogradov
Is it worth to mine Ethereum at home and a step-by-step instruction if you still decide to do it
Current cost of Bitcoin mining
18 June 2018 21:00, UTC Margareth Nail
Bitcoin became known universally, not only among programmers, last year.  That time even ordinary people started to think about mining cryptocurrency. Is it profitable to mine Bitcoins now? Read about it in the review of Bitnewstoday
South Korea: $26.170 per Bitcoin. Mining
20 July 2018 13:07, UTC Diana Asadova
Mining remains the main way of producing cryptocurrency. But no one has worked out regulations for them
How can mining save strawberry plantations in Kaliningrad?
24 July 2018 13:42, UTC Diana Asadova
Strawberry production in Russia will benefit by mining
Don't keep all your eggs... on one crypto exchange
19 September 2017 21:00, UTC Paul GRAPES
Many people tend to treat cryptocurrency as a source of easy money. It is indeed when the market is growing. But there is another risk that is often forgotten. As in the real life money – even digital – can be stolen or lost. Bitnewstoday.com figures out how to minimize the risks
What countries are most profitable for mining?
19 December 2017 21:00, UTC Margaret NAIL, Massimo Di GIUDA
The article provides an overview of the electricity pricing across the world. These costs significantly influence the income of a miner. Bitnewstoday.com analyzes where it is most profitable to mine cryptocurrency
Military coup or endless economic instability: what drove bitcoin to sky-high rate in Zimbabwe?
22 November 2017 21:00, UTC Dennis WAFULA
Last week, Zimbabwe was the focus of the entire world's cryptocurrency community. The military coup, that ousted president Robert Mugabe from power, led to a rapid rise of bitcoin price on the local exchange. What were other prerequisites for such a sharp increase in the price of the first cryptocurrency in Zimbabwe, read in the article of Bitnewstoday.com
Bitcoin in the Boot: Italy faces cryptocurrency challenges
10 September 2017 21:00, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
What difficulties do miners face in Italy, how strict is taxation and what are the pitfalls? Is mining of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies profitable in the Appenine Peninsula read in this article
Mining in Venezuela: Huge profits with the risk of being arrested
23 November 2017 21:00, UTC
Mining seems to be a reasonable investment in Venezuela given electricity prices. But reality may disappoint wanna-be miners. How difficult it is in Venezuela to deal with cryptocurrency activity? Revelations of the miner in the article of BNT
Miner’s revelations
18 October 2017 21:00, UTC Evgeniya KONOVALOVA, Igor PAPKOVICH
Authors of the article tell life stories of ordinary people, and these stories serve as answers to the following questions: is it beneficial to mine cryptocurrency? Does mining equipment pay off? What can one do to reduce mining costs?

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