UAE Real Estate Company Emaar Accepts Bitcoin And Ethereum
28 March 2022 14:56, UTC Anna Martynova

The largest real estate company in the UAE and the main developer of the Burj Khalifa has announced the acceptance of bitcoin and ethereum as a means of payment

MP Says 1% TDS Will Kill Crypto Asset Class in India
28 March 2022 13:44, UTC Anna Martynova

An Indian MP has warned of the negative effects of a 1% tax deducted at source on every cryptocurrency transaction

GameFi Industry Tokens Are On The Rise Again
25 March 2022 15:15, UTC Anna Martynova

The price of the Axie Infinity token has increased by 44% over the past three days

David Beckham Is The Latest Sports Icon To Enter Metaverse And NFT
25 March 2022 13:35, UTC Anna Martynova

Football legend David Beckham joins Metaverse and becomes a blockchain ambassador

Crypto.com Selected as Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup
24 March 2022 14:20, UTC Anna Martynova

Crypto.com will act as the official sponsor of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Snoop Dogg And Wiz Khalifa Launch ApeCoin-Themed Musical NFTs
24 March 2022 13:00, UTC Anna Martynova

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa have released an NFT music collection dedicated to ApeCoin and Bored Ape Yacht Club

ANZ Became First Australian Bank To Mint First AUD Stablecoin
24 March 2022 11:25, UTC Anna Martynova

ANZ announced the issue of a stablecoin pegged to the Australian dollar

The Protocol of The Stablecoin Cashio Dollar Has Been Hacked. The Price of The Token Fell By 99.9%
23 March 2022 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova

An attacker exploited a vulnerability that allowed him to withdraw $28 mln worth of cryptocurrency from the project's pools

Thailand To Ban Cryptocurrency As A Payment Method From April 1
23 March 2022 13:54, UTC Anna Martynova

Thailand will ban the use of digital assets to pay for goods and services from April 1

Hacker Stole $1.7 Mln Worth of NFTs From The Founder of DeFiance Capital
22 March 2022 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova

A hacker stole $1.7 mln in crypto and NFTs from the hot wallet of the founder of DeFiance Capital

EU May Revive Voted Proof-of-Work (PoW) Ban This Week
22 March 2022 13:55, UTC Anna Martynova

Parties that have sought to introduce a ban on PoW may challenge its repeal and initiate a second vote on the ban

Australia Intends To Regulate DAO In Accordance With Act Proposed By Senator
21 March 2022 14:50, UTC Anna Martynova

The Australian Senator has presented a package of legislative initiatives to lay the foundation for the development of cryptocurrencies and protect the rights of customers

Vitalik Buterin Comes With New Details On Migration To PoS
21 March 2022 13:47, UTC Anna Martynova

Ethereum founder explains the concept of Proto-danksharding, a new type of sharded consensus for the post-merger network

Weibo Launches NFT Marketplace TopHolder
18 March 2022 14:05, UTC Anna Martynova

Weibo has unveiled its TopHolder non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace

RippleNet Listed as Direct Alternative to SWIFT by Arab Monetary Fund Advisory Group
18 March 2022 13:04, UTC Anna Martynova

Arab central banks have been advised to consider RippleNet as an alternative to SWIFT

Terra Founder Plans To Buy $10 Bln Worth of Bitcoins
17 March 2022 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova

Terra founder plans to buy $10 bln worth of Bitcoins to back TerraUSD (UST) stablecoin

Exodus' Shares Are Now Listed On Securitize Markets
17 March 2022 13:48, UTC Anna Martynova

Investors can now trade shares of the popular technology company Exodus on Securitize Markets

HSBC Enters The Metaverse Through Partnership With The Sandbox
16 March 2022 15:05, UTC Anna Martynova

HSBC bought a piece of virtual land in The Sandbox metaverse

Zuckerberg Confirms Plans To Add NFTs To Instagram
16 March 2022 13:58, UTC Anna Martynova

The head of Meta revealed that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be coming to Instagram in the near future

WWE Launches NFT Platform Moonsault
15 March 2022 15:30, UTC Anna Martynova

WWE announces the launch of its own NFT platform WWE Moonsault

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