ICO vs STO: Struggle For The Markets of The Future
26 September 2018 09:16, UTC Daniil Danchenko, Anna Zhygalina
Future of the cryptoverse depends on the direction of the development that it will choose. And market has already set a possible course.
Strategic portfolio investment in digital assets
14 September 2018 08:30, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
How to invest effectively in crypto assets and what mechanisms should be used to maximize profit. Our experts have tested the tool for crypto investors and traders.
Nobel Prize-winning Robert Shiller: cryptocurrencies may not reform money
21 May 2018 21:00, UTC
See what the famous economist said about cryptocurrencies in the recent blog post and to what he compares this economic movement - as well as some brief info on why communism doesn’t work
Stanford, Pennsylvania and Georgetown universities to teach crypto and blockchain basics
09 April 2018 21:00, UTC
The intention to teach students the basic principles of prospective fintech has been voiced by several professors. Apart from this, a big number of corresponding requests and demands has been noted
FBG Capital: mining is not profitable when Bitcoin is $6000
06 February 2018 21:00, UTC
While the price of Bitcoin has already returned to $7000 at the press time, the analysts note that the jump downwards is not beneficial for miners anyway. Those who chose the regions with cheap electricity are, however, among the most unaffected
Iceland miners use more electricity than all other residents combined
12 February 2018 21:00, UTC
Find out below why exactly the world’s mining community has become so interested in Iceland and how much power they would all consume in case the authorities decide to open the gates for everybody
Company grows +2000% after news on blockchain firm acquisition
18 December 2017 21:00, UTC
The news about Longfin growing plus 2000% is a good illustration of the current market hype around Bitcoin and blockchain. This all reminds us about how irrational asset market investors can be — whether these assets are traditional or not
New capital markets are being born: cryptocurrency hedge funds show explosive growth
10 August 2017 21:00, UTC
The cryptocurrency prices boom opened up new financial horizons – new hedge funds, helping to invest in digital assets, continue to emerge
STOX, invested by Kenges Rakishev’s Singulariteam, plans for an ICO
31 July 2017 21:00, UTC
Invest.com Group, with the private venture capital fund Singulariteam (lead by Kenges Rakishev and Moshe Hogeg) as its main investor, prepares the ICO of the new cryptocurrency prediction platform STOX based on the Bancor protocol
Dogecoin. To buy or to throw? Fundamental and technical analysis
12 September 2018 13:13, UTC
Within the last 10 days, price of the cryptocurrency grew up to 272%. We are starting to receive questions like: what should we do, should we sale or buy? We decided to solve those questions and came up with an analysis.
Stableсoin As The Obsession of Digital Community
13 September 2018 15:54, UTC Daniil Danchenko
It seems that sare answering to all the fundamental issues of the digital markets. However, why no one from the industry leaders is onto it?
Turcoin - a $211M fraud, founders left the country
19 June 2018 21:00, UTC
See how Mehmet Aydın and Sadun Kaya attracted so much money, the sum equivalent in the local currency and how much money each month they promised to project participants along with other details
UK Crypto Facilities to launch Litecoin derivatives soon
20 June 2018 21:00, UTC
Learn about the latest endeavor of the British financial organization Crypto Facilities and find out about its previous cryptocurrency futures initiatives - as well as what regulators say about all this
Brad Garlinghouse on Ripple control: “Saudi Arabia owns a lot of oil — that doesn’t give them control of oil”
24 June 2018 21:00, UTC
Learn about the context surrounding this statement, what Brad Garlinghouse said about Coinbase and Ripple and old insider posts which turned out to be partly true
Zcash Overwinter hard fork successful
26 June 2018 21:00, UTC
Find out what sort of a hard fork the cryptocurrency community is dealing with this time and what the developers of the privacy coin Zcash tell about this news, as well as recent Zcash price motion stats
Singer wants to create own coin and establish ‘Сrypto Wakanda’
28 June 2018 21:00, UTC
Learn about the recent initiative of Akon (Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam), an R&B star with African origins, and see if this all is just a promotional event or actually perspective
Everybody hates EOS
16 July 2018 21:00, UTC Daniil Danchenko
Is EOS playing dirty in its clash with Ethereum for supremacy?
Coinbase to add Ethereum Classic support
13 June 2018 21:00, UTC
Ethereum Classic, the old variant of Ethereum cryptocurrency, is going to be supported on Coinbase. See how the price of the altcoin reacted to the announcement and learn if anything similar happened before
Hypothesis: Tether used in Bitcoin price manipulations
14 June 2018 21:00, UTC
See the reasoning of professor John Griffin from the United States and learn about previous allegations towards the altcoin Tether and cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex which share managers
South Korean central bank to refrain from central bank-issued digital currency
18 June 2018 21:00, UTC
Learn the explanation provided by the central bank of South Korea (the Bank of Korea or the BOK) on why it does not want to launch a central bank-issued digital currency and what other key world officials said

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