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What industries are the most interesting for introduction of blockchain?

Maxim Ivanov, Moscow Digital Academy

The most interesting areas are those where it is possible to apply technology for simplification and acceleration of work: fintech, banking sector, government services.

Oleg Bogdanov, Chief Analyst, Teletrade Group:

The hottest new trend in blockchain industry this year is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). In 2017 the volume of the raised funds for ICO will surpass the traditional IPO.

Alexander Bespalov, General Director of Crypto Company, Senior Partner, General Director of Bespalov and the Partners Consulting Group

The blockchain will be used almost everywhere: from financial companies and banks to logistics and production. This technology significantly expands possibility of reliable data storage, its safe transfer, transactions and organization of "trust" transactions. I think now we are only at the very beginning of the way, which opens in front of this technology.

Mikhail Tsyskarev, Head of Advanced Technology Department, Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development

The technology will be widely used in areas where now intermediaries are actively involved: real estate, notariate, sale of second-hand goods, auctions and some other. A separate task will be a specialized application of blockchain in finance and insurance (transfer of different types of payments, securities, client files, certification of votes), in the education market (for example, in Singapore there is a pilot project dealing with placement of diplomas on a blockchain).

Anton Solodikov, GOLOS.io | Blockchain and blog platform

Many projects are implemented on a blockchain and I think, quite soon the YouTube will switch to a blockchain. And similar to GOLOS.io, users will earn rewards for their activity.

If now inventors create new devices, and marketing specialists cannot sell them, then a new powerful economic wave will begin with integration of a blockchain in people's life. Some huge capital is needed to set up a conventional bank, whereas organization of a blockchain-based bank requires only understanding the code. And no interests, credits or loans.

We move to the era of services. Services, which unite people: inventors and marketing specialists. Technologies need services that will demonstrate people how to use them. Technologies and services are not just toys/devices, but powerful tools to do good.

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