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SBI Crypto Investment Ltd Invests $15 Mln in Tangem
21 January 2019 09:16, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Investments in Tangem would help in accelerating the blockchain introduction in new industries where there is a high potential and interest in safe storage and assets’ turnover
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European Blockchain Investment Congress 2019 Bringing Industry Professionals, Investors and Startups Together in Vienna
21 January 2019 09:10, UTC
The summit is an unique opportunity for connection between ICOs and investors. The most outstanding projects will also participate in EBIC Awards, which will be held within the forum
Komid Crypto Exchange Executives Received Prison Sentences For Fraud
21 January 2019 07:25, UTC Denis Goncharenko
This is the first case of imprisonment for inflated trade volumes. Fraudsters created fake accounts and manipulated stock exchange trading
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Can GDPR Disrupt Blockchain Technology?
18 January 2019 11:30, UTC Paul Mizel
Blockchain and InsurTechs are going to be greatly impacted by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). What influence will the new laws have on the use of blockchain?
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BEF Davos 2019: World Economists To Settle The Foundations For The Future
18 January 2019 11:00, UTC
The three-day conference will gather over 100 high-profile economists, officials and business leaders. The main goal of the participants is to set the ground rules for creating more inclusive and transparent financial system.
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Korea's Biggest Conference is Around the Corner
18 January 2019 09:30, UTC
The conference covers almost the entire ecology of blockchain. Global leaders from around the world will attend to discuss and present various topics about blockchain industry, cryptocurrency, decentralized networks, economics, finance, etc.
Binance Jersey Is Launched, Overloaded With New Registrations
18 January 2019 09:15, UTC Denis Goncharenko
According to the cryptocurrency exchange representatives, the opening of a new platform is a significant step towards the development of “crypto-fiat” trading
Russian State Duma To Adopt Сryptocurrency Laws In February
18 January 2019 07:20, UTC Denis Goncharenko
According to the statement of Duma officials, it is necessary to solve all the issues on cryptocurrency and its introduction into the economic system of the country
New USDC Attestation Report Confirms That Circle Has Appropriate Funds
17 January 2019 13:50, UTC Denis Goncharenko
USDC reserves are estimated by the auditors; this is the third positive attestation report which has been undertaken by Circle recently
Bitnewstoday Recalls: TOP 5 Events Which Shook The Crypto World In 2018
17 January 2019 11:30, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Last year was full of different events and news. It's time to remember the ones which inflicted some impact and are worth including into the cryptocurrency chronicles
WWF-Australia Launches Blockchain Platform For Goods Tracking
17 January 2019 07:57, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Representatives of the organization said they are hoping to help people and businesses identify illegal, harmful or unethical food and consumer goods
More Global Oil Giants Keep Joining Vakt Blockchain Platform
16 January 2019 12:45, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The platform was established in November 2018, as part of agreements reached by oil industry leaders. It became known that Chevron, Total and Reliance Industries have joined
PRIZM Cryptocurrency: Paramining, MLM, And... Steamers
16 January 2019 10:59, UTC Aleksandre B
Bitnewstoday decided to learn the story behind the “‘successful” cryptocurrency, what determines its success and is there any sence in this project at all
“The Fall” Of Constantinople. Ethereum Hard Fork Is Delayed Due To Vulnerability
16 January 2019 07:16, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The auditor company, ChainSecurity discover a critical issue. The core developers’ call is scheduled for January 18 to decide upon the next steps
BREAKING: Cryptopia Exchange Hacked. The Police Starts An Investigation
15 January 2019 11:30, UTC Denis Goncharenko
New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange becomes the first victim of hackers for this year. The amount of stolen crypto is not announced yet
Indian Corporations Are Testing Blockchain, Despite The Regulation Uncertainty
15 January 2019 10:59, UTC Denis Goncharenko
According to India Times, Hindustan Unilever, ABG Shipyard, HDFC Bank and Reliance Industries are the companies which confirmed the experiments with record-keeping
ETC Labs Core Is The New Team To Deal With Ethereum Classic Upgrades
15 January 2019 08:18, UTC Denis Goncharenko
ETC Labs Core will support the blockchain, create new instruments and analyze the situation after the “51% attack” on ETC network, which is said to have happened this January
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BestMixer.IO Aims to Be The Top Bitcoin Blender by Providing True Cryptocurrency Anonymization
15 January 2019 06:40, UTC
Real cryptocurrency anonymization is difficult to achieve. BestMixer.io has introduced a strong new level of anonymization
Jurisdictions That Attracted Investors In 2018: Will They Retain Leadership?
14 January 2019 13:46, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The statesmen seemed to wake up after long oblivion and entered the industry regulation race. We are summing up the achievements of the previous period
Miners Migrate To Mongolia In Search Of Cheap Electricity
14 January 2019 09:40, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The falling profitability of mining makes business owners look for new territories. According to the Nikkei, there are favorable opportunities in the country for running a crypto-business

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