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Solana Blockchain Is 30 Minutes Behind Real Time
24 h Anna Martynova

Solana's series of downtime continue, the network again faces serious problems

PeckShield Warns of Counterfeit LUNA Airdrops on the Internet
27 May 2022 14:08, UTC Anna Martynova

The real LUNA airdrop will take place today. But criminals are taking advantage of the upcoming event and are giving away fake LUNA tokens

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Bexplus Offers 100x Leverage Crypto Trading & Doubles Your Deposit
27 May 2022 11:18, UTC

Bitcoin's high volatility has made a comeback and currently presents more opportunities for traders to make profits

Crypto Regulation Update: Will India Cope With More Taxes?
26 May 2022 15:45, UTC Anirban Roy

The cryptic attitude of the authorities and the interest of global crypto players in the country have left over 100 million Indian crypto investors perplexed

InsurAce Is Ready To Pay Out Millions To Claimants After Terra's Collapse
26 May 2022 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova

InsurAce has been heavily criticized by the community for abruptly shortening the timeframe for Terra-related insurance claims

Paraguay Approved The Legal Framework For The Regulation of Mining And Cryptocurrency Trading
26 May 2022 14:06, UTC Anna Martynova

Paraguay's Chamber of Deputies approved a bill regulating the mining and trading of cryptocurrency, with some modifications

Nigeria Intends To Help Content Creators Monetize Their Art Through The Algorand Network
25 May 2022 15:10, UTC Anna Martynova

The Nigerian government uses the Algorand blockchain to commercialize intellectual property rights

What Does The Future Hold For Bitcoin Price In A Moment Of Crypto Market Crash?
25 May 2022 14:20, UTC Nick James

Since the last week crypto market continues to crash. What will be the next step for crypto market?

Brave Browser Integrates Solana to Extend Access to Web3
25 May 2022 13:39, UTC Anna Martynova

Brave Browser has introduced version 1.39 of its desktop browser that comes with Solana integration to improve access to Web3

Filecoin Foundation Wants To Take Decentralized Data Storage Into Space
24 May 2022 14:57, UTC Anna Martynova

The Filecoin Foundation and Lockheed Martin are developing a program to deploy an Interplanetary File System (IPFS) in space

The Upcoming Vasil Hard Fork Will Be Available On The Public Testnet On June 2
24 May 2022 13:45, UTC Anna Martynova

Charles Hoskinson announced that the Vasil hard fork network will pass the public testing phase on June 2

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How to Behave Amidst the Current Crypto Crash
24 May 2022 12:04, UTC Denis Goncharenko

Since last couple of weeks the cryptocurrency market continues to crash – a big number of crypto coin values are decreasing

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Magic Square Integrates With deBridge
24 May 2022 10:56, UTC

In the initial stage of the blockchain industry, the priority for many stakeholders was simply attracting more people. Now, over a decade since the inception of Bitcoin, these priorities have changed. What is on the minds of many blockchain projects and crypto users is getting access to more innovative and convenient blockchain-related products and services

Tracer Fitness App Moves to Near Protocol after Terra's Crash
23 May 2022 14:48, UTC Anna Martynova

As a result of the collapse of Terra, many projects migrate to other blockchain ecosystems, fighting for survival

Do Kwon Shares LUNA Burn Address But Warns Users Against Using It
23 May 2022 13:50, UTC Anna Martynova

At the request of the Terra community, Do Kwon publicly shared the LUNA burn address on May 21st

Swiss Bank Julius Baer Intends To Launch DeFi Services Within Three Years
20 May 2022 15:43, UTC Anna Martynova

The Swiss bank Julius Baer is ready to become a full-fledged participant in the cryptocurrency space in the next three years

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How to Choose the Best Crypto Casino in Malaysia
20 May 2022 15:00, UTC

For Malaysians, there are a plethora of top-notch Bitcoin casinos to choose from. However, there are so many possibilities that narrowing it down can be difficult

Luna Foundation Guard Has Not Revealed Any Plans For AVAX Tokens
20 May 2022 14:12, UTC Anna Martynova

Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) has not disclosed any information regarding the 2 mln AVAX tokens that it holds in its treasury

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4 Ways the Rich are Using to Earn Passive Income
20 May 2022 07:11, UTC

The world houses a large number of wealthy people, whose wealth scale is unreachable by ordinary people even after working their entire lives. This allows them to easily get hold of the luxury cars and mansions that many people dream of. You must be wondering how they do it, right?

Decrease in Celsius Yields Raises Concerns Among Investors
19 May 2022 15:05, UTC Anna Martynova

Celsius is facing pressure from investors who have been hit hard by the recent market crash

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